Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Birthday

Today is my daughter's birthday. In general conversation with some of my pastoral colleagues, I was recalling how amazing that day was, seven years ago. I was reflecting on the passing of time. One of my colleagues asked: what were you doing at this point seven years ago?

Without thinking, after glancing at the clock and remembering that exact time all those years ago, I replied: being stitched up.......

Owch. (literally)

Definitely a case of TMI
(too much information)


  1. i had come over here for a rest from the debate going on on my own blog...but I am away back there now...stiched up...

  2. Gosh, sorry for my unbecoming chatter on Dec 21st's post, please do pull up a chair and rest awhile - have an egg nogg latte and just reflect on the fact that Starbucks this ain't!

    Loved the B/b/a/A/p/P/t/T .....etc!


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