Friday, December 08, 2006

Blogging Slowdown

I have noticed a slight slow-down in the number of posts on quite a few of the blogs I visit.
I think it's because we all get so busy at this time of the year. For me - all the things I have to do are compressed into three weeks as I want to be winding down by Dec 21st (my daughter's birthday!) to make way for the end-of-term school events and Christmas weekend activities; I'm also responsible for two services (note slight tone of panic in the voice there) one which is much easier than the other as it's only half an hour long :-) More about that nearer the time.

I love the Christmas holidays. I love remembering how Jesus started his life (baby) and I am always in awe of who he is (King). I love the juxtaposition of those two words - baby and King - and the starkness of his surroundings at the moment of birth, a stable, compared to his heavenly destination, seated at God's right hand. I was baptised at Christmas in 1984 and at this time of year I always recall how different that Christmas felt - it felt like new. I also love the chilling out, late nights, later rises, socialising and being at home. Give me a roaring log fire anyday!

I'd love to wax lyrical some more but I am home alone to write an essay on a minority ethnic group's church plant. I've been researching the topic for a few weeks but now I really have to write it as it has to be submitted on Monday. My mind is going blank; I've done a third and I'm stuck. I've already emptied the dishwasher, run a vacuum around the wooden floors (do they really need vacuumed? - discuss) and folded up some clothes for inspiration.

Think I will pray ......!

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