Friday, December 15, 2006

Transformatio mundi and holiday clubs!

The transformation of the earth in the new creation promised in Revelation is one theological topic which fascinates my geographical background. I am delighted to have received information on this new Scripture Union resource today. Thought some of you would like to hear about it.

My church has a very active Eco-group. We have undertaken two modules of the Eco-church programme - Guacamole Girl, can you comment here any general thoughts on our progress with this? One thing I was asked to look into was how we could bring environmental principles into our children's programmes. We've managed this a bit, although Guacamole Girl and I can never look at another milk carton top again since we had what seemed like several hundred of them strung together by the children themselves to declare that "The earth is the Lord's and everything in it".....

So I think the Eco-warriors whom I know well will also be chuffed to bits with this:

"Scripture Union is going green in the new holiday club resource! Based on John’s Gospel and Genesis, with the topical theme of conservation, Wastewatchers explores God’s creation and working for transformation in a broken world.
Wastewatchers is accompanied by a DVD with extra training material to help leaders get the most out of their club.

Wastewatchers. Children will discover how Jesus can transform lives, what God made and how we should be looking after it and much more in this flexible holiday club programme…

DVD... Animated, comical illustrations bring to life the Wastewatchers stories. Extra resources on team training with additional printable sheets make this a must have item…

Zany, lively and a great souvenir.

Little Green Pages has Puzzles, Bible Passages and attention grabbing information for children to use after the club has ended…"

For further information, click here.


  1. Official comment on eco-congregations progress: Although we haven't worked rigidly within the modules in the eco-congregations pack (see, we have done a surprising amount over the last 2 yrs or so including involvement with children & youth programme, recycling more stuff (both in church office & by members of congregation), a "leave your car at home" Sunday (v. popular), encouraging people to get involved in campaiging (esp. Make Poverty History) etc etc. This is facilitated by a group of about 12 keen activists & well supported by most of the membership. These issues are increasingly in the mainstream & I believe it is important for Christians to make our voices heard in a positive way in society. I would encourage any church who can muster 2 or 3 interested people to take a look at the pack & use it as a starting point for your own ideas. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

  2. Now the unofficial: Wastewatchers looks excellent - I hope you can order it for next summer! I think this will intrigue the parents as well & make everyone think about how the whole of creation speaks of God's love & esp. how Jesus redeems creation. Sign me up for the team!!


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