Monday, September 25, 2006

Overtired kids

What are you like when you're REALLY tired? Are you grumpy? Silent? Pleasant to be with?
What are you like when someone close to you gets lots of attention? Pleased for them? Grumpy? Silent? Nasty?
My 6 (nearly 7) year old has been badly behaved and full of whines, shouts and tears for most of this weekend. This, if you know her, is fairly recent behaviour and NOT typical of her at all. Her little brother has had two days of adoring attention and piles of presents for his 4th birthday. I reckon she's feeling tired and a little left out.

I have resisted the urge to lecture her about Joseph (you think you've got it hard!?!?!?) and to merely reassure her of our unconditional love for her. But the tantrums took their toll tonight and it was an early bed with the door firmly closed upon her. This is so much better than letting (my) anger rip.

I read in Stuart Blythe's blog about a mother shouting very rudely at her child. I am not saying I am perfect. I fail and I fall. But I try to remember that the pressures on our children today are immense:
* to go to at least x (insert number) after-school activities a week
* to be culture-current and media-aware
* to have at least four friends with whom you can hold sleepovers
* to achieve level F in Language and Mathematics in the 5-14 curricukum (of course) before you leave P7
* to be able to eat solid food by age 6 months, walk before you're 2, dry pants day and night by age 3, cycle WITHOUT stabilisers by age 5, swim two lengths by age 6, rollerblade and/or skate by age 8, play piano to Grade 6 level by age 10, have had your first boy/girlfriend by age 11............

I want my children to say "yes" to God at all of those ages and stages; yes, I want to know you; yes, I want to serve you; yes, I want to follow you.
There's a track on Powerpack Trust's last CD:
100%, 24/7, I'm an Xtreme Disciple


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  1. Sounds like you had a tough weekend what with essays and kids and birthdays and so much to juggle - sure it will all settle down again - was trying to think of another example other than Joseph to use in the - so you think you've got it tough stupid attempt...


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