Sunday, September 03, 2006

Reality Check

By the way, just in case you think the last post was getting a little super-spiritual, let me describe some situations from the last few days. My three year old had his worst ever tantrum in front of all my church coworkers which culminated in him escaping down the corridor between our church nursery and the staff offices at full pelt, kicking doors and running away from the nursery manager screaming as he went, like the Gadarene demoniac in long shorts and a "my mom went to Niagara" T shirt.

Oh no. Children's pastor has to remove son from the building for A Walk.

Actually, it gets better (or worse?).

Two days later he pee-ed on the floor of our new Associate Pastor's flat one hour before his housewarming party started, much to his flatmate's horror.

Pete - for cleaning up - I salute you! (and cheers for your blue towel!)

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