Friday, September 08, 2006

Do Children Make More Smells Than Adults?

If you are of a nervous or sensitive disposition, or get offended by "botty talk", read no further.

My little boy has been making smells all day. Started in the church administrator's office at lunchtime (sorry J) and continued right though the afternoon and evening with no "unloading of solid matter" taking place.

I did the "this is how your digestion system works" talk and then the "get thee to a toilet" command - point blank refusal.

Ran an alpha course tonight for families, went well although punctuated by rank smells.

Drove everyone home in the car, coughing at the fumes.

Got him to bed, removing age 3 dinosaur pants which are sparklingly unmarked but should really be fumigated.

And so this reminds me.........when teaching a classfull in a secular school context; there are always really horrible smells wafting round. I think its Irn Bru and cola bottles for breakfast that does it. As a teacher you can just move away *UNLESS THE CHILD HAS COME TO YOUR DESK to get jotter marked!!! Nightmare scenario!! No escape!

Same with any children's events in a Christian context. We may be cleaned up, washed, forgiven etc but the remnants of the "old" still linger and remind us of the hold they have on us as they leave the natural body.

Think I will halt that analogy there.

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  1. I recommend nose plugs. Usually available at the local swimming pool. Slightly less unsightly than a clothes peg, but just as effective!


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