Monday, September 18, 2006


The title of this post is not about etheral beings but about a BBC TV programme.

I adore this programme but I have a difficulty with it - in separating fiction from reality! This weekend's two- parter showed homegrown atrocities being carried out in order to destabilise the government and the public; to remove the Prime Minister from power and to take control of the media and the judical system.

I'm a bit child-like in this regard; my mind and emotions are so fully engaged that I gasp as I watch as I realise that this could be why Tony Blair is going to resign. Oh, no, it's only TV.....

Films that engaged me COMPLETELY (man, I was living them!)
Schindlers List
Cinema Paradiso
Room With A View
The Big Blue
Dead Man Walking
Mississipi Burning

Films that were wasted on me:
Syriana - eh???
The Royal Tenenbaums
Being John Malcovich
Mission Impossible 1,2,3,4,x,y,z

What films draw you in; make you forget reality and during which films would you trim your toenails? :-)


  1. Love Spooks Lynn. Harry being arrested by the police under "temporary special measures" was a bit lame I thought. I can't see the police in this country ever falling for that. But hey - it's only a drama!

    I really liked "memento". It was tough to work out what was going on.

  2. Hi Lynn,

    Great post it's had me thinking all week. I am a mad Spooks fan, however at times I do wish we could go back to the days of the delightfully deep-voiced Tom, although Adam being somewhat easy on the eye makes up a little for losing Tom...the plot, character development, social commentary?...yeah, that's good too!

    Anyway films that captivated me:
    Legends of the Fall
    Much Ado about Nothing (Kenneth Brannagh's adaptation)
    Sinners (BBC serial about Magdalen laundries in 60s)
    Pride and Prejudice (2006)
    Gone with the wind

    I was gripped my Mississippi Burning also. Oh, and if you're ever up for getting City of God out on DVD let me know, because I've only seen a clip but would love to see the rest (kids living in slums in Rio/Sao Paulo).

  3. I have seen bits of City of God and I have to admit I felt I couldn't cope with it, doing the job I do. I was terribly disturbed by the clip I saw, threatening a tiny child with a gun so violently.

    Not a reason to not watch it I know.

    The senior pastor of my church has it on DVD, I could borrow it from him.


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